Inspection Videos

Utilizing the latest in modern drone technology, we provide inspection services helping you deploy this unique technology effectively and efficiently. We provide commercial facade, commercial roof, bridge, wind turbine, cell tower and other inspection services. If you need to look at it: We can shoot it! Ask about our unbeatable rates for monthly, quarterly or semi-annual property inspections for malls, strip plazas or any other type of property

Inspection Videos are an incredible tool for:

  • Tenant Discussions
  • Property & Investment Evaluation
  • Legal, liability
  • Future planning
  • Insurance records

Inspections include:

  • Orbital around the entire property
  • Low-level shots of building facades
  • Birdseye views of rooftops, parking lots, and the entire property

Don’t worry about traffic and no need for your camera and camcorder.  Leave your notepad at home and we will fly every square inch of your property!

Price includes coverage of shopping centers up to 30 acres.

$325 one-time

Call or email to discuss larger centers or scheduled intervals: monthly or quarterly.

Large portfolio of many centers? Call or email to discuss bulk pricing.